Agile Coach

05 Oct 2016
20 Oct 2016
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To support the growth of the Elekta business and our constant innovation in patient care, the Global Engineering business is expanding its capacity and looking to bring on a number of people into several exciting new roles. We are looking for a permanent Agile Coach with expertise in Scrum, Lean, Kanban, XP Practices and SAFE to play a significant role developing others to become scrum masters and RTEs within the existing talent base by creating training /shadowing programs. You may also be called upon to assist the RTE with program level ceremonies - program level backlog grooming/readiness for PSI planning, any PSI preparation. You will also contribute to library of agile practices and processes. Ensures release train is following the agile/SAFE frameworks to support consistency across sites. Corresponds with other site's agile coaches to identify synergies and opportunities for continuous improvement. Improves release train's engineering quality practices by encouraging TDD, pair programming, test automation, continuous integration, collective ownership. Contributes heavily to help others remove obstacles through communities of practice. Holds clinics to teach agile concepts across the organization. May be called upon to help any part of the organization implement agile techniques. Qualifications Bachelors Degree or equivalent - computer science, math, physics or related area Experience in project management/team leadership in software development Agile experience Significant contribution as a change agent in an agile transformation Certifications/education in Agile, Lean, SAFE a plus Responsibilities Mentors and supports scrum masters and RTE for a physical site or release train. Plays the role of scrum master for several teams while mentoring others Facilitator and servant leader who empowers the team to self-organize. Creates culture where creativity and innovation can flourish. Removes impediments in the way of the team making progress. Protects the team from outside sources of disruption. Coaches the team on effective ceremony execution (standups, estimation, backlog grooming, demonstrations, retrospectives - inspect and adapt workshops). Radiates information that ensures team's progress/success are highly visible to stakeholders and the team (backlogs, burndown charts, etc.). Supports the product owner with the communication of updates and impediments as well as with backlog maintenance. Improves team's engineering quality practices by encouraging TDD, pair programming, test automation, continuous integration, collective ownership. Ensures team adheres to the scrum process and program level working agreement regarding cadence, tool usage and a variety of procedures that must be synchronized to be effective as a program.