10 great reasons to work in Chichester

Chichester’s eclectic blend of the old and new across a variety of landscapes draws tourists from across the UK and beyond. Here at Love Local Jobs, we love this lively tourist hub for its regular array of seasonal and full time vacancies. Interested in working in this beautiful southern location? Here are 10 great reasons why you should make the move.

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Accessibility – Chichester is located in a great location for business and play. It is only an hour’s drive away from the busy hub of Brighton on the East Sussex coastline as well as the nearby busy towns of Bognor Regis and Waterlooville.

BNI – The BNI Festival in Chichester is a great opportunity for local businesses and professionals to network, grow their businesses and substantially increase referrals for future work. The Festival Chapter of BNI meets at the Chichester Park Hotel every Tuesday.

Spoilt for Choice – Chichester provides a choice of city, country and coast that attracts tourists from across the south and beyond. This yearly influx into the town helps to drive the local economy and create vacancies.

History – Tourism and local business is driven largely by Chichester’s history and its array of local historical hotspots, including Chichester Cathedral, the Cass Sculpture Fountain and Chichester City Walls. Once beach season has closed down for the year, these cultural attractions keep visitor numbers up through the winter months and present new opportunities for workers in the area.

First-Class Work Parties – Although Chichester is quite a small town, it packs in a nightclub scene to satisfy its students, locals and visitors. So, if you work in Chichester, expect a great work night out thanks to clubs like Thursdays and Vision.

Work For All Ages – With Chichester’s large student population and seasonal trade, there are plenty of part time, seasonal and full time jobs to suit your needs. Large providers of work in the area include Chichester College, Goodwood and the University of Chichester.

Housing – Although Chichester property is a little pricey in the town centre, there are plenty of affordable housing options for families and first time buyers on the outskirts and within surrounding towns. Again, thanks to Chichester’s great location and infrastructure, you won’t feel cut off from the excitement if you choose to live in the outskirts.

Lunchtime Spots – Forgotten your lunch? Grab a bite to eat on your hour off in Chichester with its range of tea rooms, cafes and restaurants. Must-try eateries include Cloisters Café next to Chichester Cathedral and St. Martin’s Organic Tea Rooms.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Chichester’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) liaises with the local council and other affiliates to help business growth in the region. The organisation regularly stage business development meetings and networking opportunities.

Love Local Jobs – Need a job? Coastal West Sussex Jobs (powered by LoveLocalJobs.com) posts up-to-the-minute vacancies in Chichester and the surrounding area as well as guidance and news about a range of paid and unpaid opportunities

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