Celebrate the Festival of Learning with free talks at Chichester College

Celebrate the Festival of Learning with free talks at Chichester College

Chichester College is offering people the chance to learn something new and experience unique opportunities with a series of free talks in June.

Monday 24 June marks the start of a series of sessions arranged as part of the Festival of Learning, a national celebration of lifelong learning organised by the Learning and Work Institute. 

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The aim of the Festival of Learning is to encourage local communities to take part in activities that raise awareness of the wide range of opportunities and resources available for adults looking to continue, or resume, their education.

The free talks at the college cover a wide range of inspiring subjects, designed to help visitors to learn new skills and techniques that they can apply to their personal and professional lives. These include using social media in business, emotional health & wellbeing, business advice and holistic self-care

Helen Loftus, Vice Principal at Chichester College, said: “We are so excited to be a part of the Festival of Learning again thisyear. We can’t wait to showcase what Chichester College and Adult Learning have to offer.

“Adult learning is an important part of what we do and we look forward to opening our doors to anyone who is interested in experiencing new opportunities and helping them to kick-start their learning journey.”

Stephen Evans, CEO of Learning and Work Institute, added: “The Festival of Learning helps people to learn and to discover the wide range of opportunities there are to gain new skills, expand their abilities and transform their lives.

“I hope that people take advantage of this exciting event at Chichester College and recognise that you’re never too old to learn.”

The free talks at Chichester College, running throughout the Festival of Learning, will include:

Monday 24 June

·         Achieving Your Goals by Claire Skaptason

·         How to build a Capsule Style Wardrobe (and why you might not need to!) by Vicky Booker

·         Holistic Self Care - How to help yourself feel better every day by Ros Thompson

Tuesday 25 June

·         Coping with a rapidly changing world - Technology by Theresa Truscott

·         Give a little, gain a lot by Lucie Maldoom

·         How to do work that lights you up and gets you paid by Honey Landsdowne

·         How to talk about your business in a way that ensures customers listen by Susan Payton

Wednesday 26 June

·         Emotional Health & Wellbeing by Vivienne Barnes

·         Practical Relaxation Workshop by Lyn & Graham Whiteman

·         Support Local Business by Vikki Meddows

Thursday 27 June

·         Discover your Cyber Hyperdrive - Social Media without the Overwhelm by Carolyn Strand

·         Why a Weak Core is more common than you think and what you can do about it by Nikki Caputa

·         “Cancer is a word, not a sentence…” - one woman’s insights into living and working with cancer by Kate Henwood

·         Discover the 6 Root Causes of Health Symptoms and Illness - Self-healing made easier with Lifestyle Prescriptions® by Susan Cowe-Miller

For more information, including a schedule of events, please visit https://chichester.ac.uk/festival-learning-2019 or, alternatively, please email hilary.lewis@chichester.ac.uk or call 01243 786321.

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