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Key insights & trends we’re seeing at

Published on: 28 Nov 2022


It’s been a testing few months for many businesses and their staff as we’ve begun to navigate through another period of uncertainty and this impact is being felt in the job market.

In October, the ONS reported a decrease in the estimated number of vacancies advertised across the UK between July and September, when compared with the numbers between April and June.

Interestingly, however, at, the results seem to buck the trend of the wider UK and we’re seeing some interesting and more positive trends for employers looking to engage with the best local talent across the South East.


Jobseeker visits highest in months

We’ve seen a steady increase in the number of jobseekers visiting in recent months, reaching almost 15,000 visitors in October.

These numbers compare favourably to three months ago (July - 8,852) and 6 months ago (April – 11,786) and are more than doubled versus this time last year (October – 6,749).

Application rates are on the rise

In line with the increase in the jobseekers visiting the website in the last three months, we’re also seeing a rise in the application rate across the board.

In September, October and November, we saw application rates of 8.19%, 8.58% and 8.63% respectively, compared to 4.44% in June, 5.54% in July and 5.27% in August.

When it comes to the total number of applications, we’ve seen an 26% increase in these figures YoY.


Applications highest across 3 key sectors

When reviewing which sectors saw the greatest number of applications, Healthcare, Finance and Hospitality stood out over the last few months.

Equally, when it came to business functions, roles across Administration, Customer Service/Support and Healthcare received the highest level of applications over the same period.


Our network is ever-growing

With visits to the job board growing, new users increasing 71% YoY, over 15,000 candidates and clients on our database and a social audience reaching over 9,000, we are currently connecting with over 40,000 local people per month.

Importantly, this is translating into circa 400,000 interactions from an engaged network across various touchpoints, including the website, email campaigns and social media.


What these trends mean for employers...

As a business looking to engage with top local talent, the information in this article should make for positive reading.

Talent across the South East is actively engaging with top employers and their opportunities and importantly, these upward trends in activity appear to be consistent as we approach the end of the year.