Lizzie Pullen’s Story – Working at American Express

Lizzie Pullen’s Story – Working at American Express

Here is Lizzie Pullen's story about why she joined American Express and her journey to where she is now...

Tell me about your current role at American Express?

I have recently been promoted into the SME Direct Sales Team as a Team Leader. Previously I worked in the Global Commercial Services account sales team working with Small to Medium size businesses. I work with a small team of account sales managers who work with existing customers.  We consulting with customers to help them get the most out of the Amex Business Cards and identify additional value-added products or services.

How long have you been with the company?

17 years! I joined at age 21 as a customer service representative working in the contact centre, learning about the products and speaking to card members. After 18 months I moved to helping resolve customer disputes and then worked as a fraud analyst.

My manager at the time put me forward for the future Leaders programme. Chosen to be 1 of 6 across the Brighton business to develop alongside my role at the time I embarked on a 12-month programme that allowed me visibility and exposure to leadership by shadowing different leaders, and learning about other departments on rotation.  At the end of the programme I had the opportunity to give a presentation to senior leadership to earn my accreditation.

I had always wanted to be a leader in a sales team but lacked commercial knowledge. However, I secured a role in Account Management where I was able to lead a team and gain that knowledge. Every few months I have a senior mentor assigned to me to support and sponsor development. Since joining Amex I’ve had three children and Amex were incredibly supportive each step of the way, allowing me to have flexibility to be a parent and keep my career on track at the same time.

I have now been in Sales for 2 amazing years!

Why did you join American Express?

I did my A levels, did a Ski season as considered myself to be an introvert and wanted to gain confidence. When I returned from the ski season I worked in a lighting company. I had a few friends who worked for Amex who told me good things. I didn’t really have progression in my current role and saw and advert in the newspaper for Amex. I applied as I was sold on the long term career opportunities that Amex could provide.

What did you do before joining American Express?

Worked in a lighting shop and a ski season in Val D’Iser a waitress in a hotel.

How does Amex differ from other companies you have worked for?

The brand and the career progression were definitely the attraction and the reason most people tend to be attracted to the company it’s genuinely a great place to work.

What would you say to candidates considering making an application to American Express?

Do apply Amex really looks after its employees. The benefits, the healthcare, the maternity, paternity all of that, Amex look after you whatever your situation. You want to know that your company has got your back and Amex definitely does! Amex really cares about you… Not forgetting the career progression. After 17 years I am still progressing - I never thought at age 21 I would be leading a sales team one day, now I am.

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