Make 2021 the year you love to learn

Make 2021 the year you love to learn

East Sussex College

East Sussex College is on a mission to make 2021 the year for learning.

As the largest education provider in East Sussex, you won’t be surprised to read that the College absolutely loves learning. The plans that you had for 2020 were put on hold, but 2021 is the year to unpause, get back out there, and do something that makes you feel good. This is your chance to turn that ‘might do’ into a ‘will do’.

Wave goodbye to 2020, and be inspired by East Sussex College’s reasons why you should make 2021 the year you love to learn.

1) You’ll find it really enjoyable

Learning is so much fun. The challenge of mastering a new skill keeps you coming back for more. The more you get stuck in, the more you enjoy it, the bigger the reward.

2) You’ll meet new people

Starting a part-time course gives you the opportunity to meet a whole range of new people. Whether it’s face-to-face or online, you’ll be studying with likeminded people and be able to build new friendships.

3) You’ll gain new skills

This is your chance to learn some new skills, and put them to good use! The College has the perfect course if you’re thinking about starting some home improvements - meaning you really will be able to do it yourself.

4) You’ll improve your mental wellbeing

Learning is good for the brain - it’s like exercise for the mind! Not only will you keep your brain cells in tip-top condition, you’ll feel great for it and give your mental wellbeing a boost!

5) You’ll build your confidence

Studying a part-time course at East Sussex College will give you a confidence boost. You might achieve something you never thought possible, you may gain a qualification to unlock new career opportunities, or you may be taking a step out of your comfort zone.

6) You’ll be able to study alongside your other commitments

The College’s part-time courses are set up to fit around your other commitments. You can study in the morning to fit around the school run, or you can study in the evening to fit around work.

7) You’ll want to keep on learning

Once you start learning, it is very hard to stop. One of the best things about learning is that you may start as a novice, but you’ll soon be motivated to become a master!

8) You’ll be able to work towards a new career

Whether you have ambitions to gain a promotion or you fancy a new challenge, studying with East Sussex College can provide you with those key qualifications you were missing.

9) You’ll be doing something for yourself

Do you make enough time for yourself? It isn’t selfish. It’s actually really good for your overall wellbeing. Taking time to invest in yourself is great for your self-esteem.

10) You’ll love our courses

Each year, the College works hard to increase the range and quality of their part-time courses. Whether you’re 19 or 90, looking for a new qualification, or just doing it for fun, they have something for you.

11) You’ll gain new qualifications

Part-time courses at East Sussex College are the perfect way to add qualifications to your CV. Not only could they impress potential employers, but they could also impress your current employer as you look to make that step up the career ladder.

12) You’ll find it easy to get to us

The College’s campuses are ideally situated to make learning easy and accessible. Their campuses in Eastbourne, Hastings, and Lewes are close to train stations, bus stations, and offer on-site parking.

13) You’ll unlock your potential

A part-time course could be the encouragement you need to start your own business. Part-time study gives you the chance to gain all the knowledge and skills you need while you launch your new venture.

14) You’ll love the possibilities

They say that variety is the spice of life. Trying something new is a great way to break a routine. East Sussex College has plenty of things to try - who knows where they'll take you.

15) You’ll be taught by our awesome tutors

The College is really lucky to have such a talented teaching team. The team has years of industry experience and are experts in their field - and can’t wait to help you achieve your goals.

16) You’ll have something to look forward to

Starting a new course that runs weekly gives you something to look forward to. Having something to focus on is a great way to improve happiness.

17) You’ll get a real sense of achievement

How good does it feel when you complete something? Completing one of the College’s courses is exactly the same. You might achieve a qualification, take home a piece of art, or have new skills to show off - whatever it is; it will make you proud.

18) You’ll be investing in your future

Education is an investment. Whether you’re studying for fun or you’re aiming for a new career, when you study at East Sussex College, they’ll help set you up for the future.

19) You’ll get value for money

Courses at East Sussex College are great value for money. Depending on your circumstances, you might be eligible for financial help towards the cost of transport, or even an advanced learner loan to help cover the cost of your course.

20) You’ll be able to study in a safe environment

The College has been busy making their campuses clean and safe for you to study in. They have installed one way systems and sanitising stations, and reduced class sizes to make sure social distancing is in place.

21) You’ll wonder why you haven’t studied with us sooner

Students love studying at East Sussex College. So why not make 2021 the year you study with them too.

East Sussex College has campuses in Eastbourne, Hastings, Lewes and Newhaven offering hundreds of part-time courses. Visit and search ‘part-time’.

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