Top 10 reasons to work for American Express….

Published: 28 Jul 2017 By American Express


1.Service-Driven Stewards

We are a company that believes the world should be well-served. As one of the world’s largest card issuers and most valued brands, we know the way we do business every day has the power to improve lives. Service underpins the commitment we make to our customers and it’s at the core of our brand. We are looking for people who will step up to be stewards of this brand

  1. Challenge Seekers and Change-makers

The industry and the business environment we operate in are challenging and dynamic. Our competitive landscape continues to intensify and evolve, and the digital revolution is changing the behavior and expectations of our customers and prospects. We are looking for employees who are not only up for these challenges but who will relish them as opportunities to stretch, even when success is not guaranteed — people who will adapt quickly to change and persist when faced with complexity. Most of all, we are looking for people who will champion innovation with their team members and colleagues across the organization.

  1. Leaders

Leadership at every level of the organization is critical to the future of the company. As such, it is an important factor when considering a potential candidate. American Express’ recruiting team seeks to identify candidates who possess American Express leadership competencies

  1. Re-inventors and Innovators

We are a company that has grown through reinvention. We want employees who think this way too. We are looking for employees who embrace a growth mindset, drive new thinking by challenging the status quo, take informed risks, experiment with solutions to new and existing problems, and test new ideas quickly.

  1. Recruiting and Hiring

American Express is known in the business world for service, brand loyalty and exceptional marketing. This comes to life in the way we recruit and hire. We ensure our hiring process helps attract and retain employees who will fit our culture by using storytelling to welcome our employee candidates to our brand and our work; taking a service-based approach to recruiting and hiring and being as innovative in our recruitment strategies as the innovators we want to attract

  1. Developing Promising Talent

One way our relationship with entry level candidates begins, is with a summer internship — considered one of the key entry points for our full-time campus hires. In a way, our internship is a 12 week, paid “interview,” which allows us to truly get to know a candidate before hiring them to a full-time role.

  1. Who we look for

American Express has been recognized as a Great Place to Work and employer of choice for many years and this is the core of our talent brand. As our digital transformation continues and more millennials enter the workforce, we see an opportunity to evolve our recruitment approach to deliver a more meaningful connection with innovative talent. Headlines such as: “Crush it at work and still pick up the kids”, “Don’t just have a great idea, pitch it”, and “The job offer isn’t the opportunity, the work is,” express the attributes we seek in our employees and speak to our unique culture. Most importantly, they reflect our energy and drive

  1. Imagine What You Can Do

If a picture is worth a thousand words, perhaps a video is worth a million. Over time we have utilized videos as a primary way to communicate with candidates about career opportunities and how they make an impact through working at American Express. This year to support our talent brand refresh, we launched a new recruitment video series called “Imagine What You Can Do.” This series of short videos incorporates a fresh tone of voice while using fun animation to convey some of the exciting career opportunities available at American Express

  1. Customer Service Approach to Recruiting and Hiring

We know our customers increasingly want to communicate, interact with and use our products via a mobile device. So when it came time to re-evaluate our job application process, we knew we needed a mobile-first approach, one that would fit seamlessly into our prospective applicants’ lives. That’s why we were one of the first Fortune 500 companies to launch a mobile application platform that allows candidates around the world to apply for jobs at American Express from their smartphones or tablets.

  1. Internal Mobility

At American Express, we encourage our employees to move between roles internally. We believe this encourages learning and a more holistic understanding of how our company works. For this reason, approximately half of all our open positions are filled with existing employees.

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