We have updated our pricing

Published: 01 Sep 2017

LoveLocalJobs.com are pleased to announce that we have reduced the price of our two top packages. We have learned a lot about how to attract local talent since launching our first community job board nearly 7 years ago.

To maximise the response our customers get from their job adverts, we are going to reduce the price of our most effective solutions. One of the casualties of this will be our £99 single job posting. It has become less and less popular over the years and has been overtaken by some of our more advanced bundles both in terms of popularity and effectiveness.

Please see below our brand new packages:-

New Pricing Sept 2017

Cutting our packages down to three options mean that we are giving our customers less time to worry about getting the perfect package. Even better, we have reduced the price of these packages (our Premium Plus package has been reduced by 50%)

All our jobs are still live for 28 days and come with their very own company page to explain to job seekers about the company, the culture and what makes you different to your competitors. If you would like to speak to us about any of the above packages, please feel free to call us on 01272 651100 or simply click here to start posting your job advert

If you are new to LoveLocalJobs.com, we would like to offer you 50% off our job postings. This is only valid to brand new customers. Please enter NEWCUSTOMER17 at the checkout page to qualify for 50% off.



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