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Published: 23 Oct 2015 By Search Consultancy - Founding Partner

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Looking for a new job can be extremely time consuming, in many ways it’s a job in itself.

However, if you’re seeking new employment it is important to remember that your current role comes first. Despite the reasons that have inspired you to take the next step in your career you’re still employed by a company that is paying your salary so be respectful of that.

This blog post looks at some of the factors that you should consider when looking for a new position while currently employed and how to keep focused on your current role.

When starting your job search there are a number of things that you should consider before diving into the job market. Most of these are fairly obvious, however it doesn’t hurt to remind you of them.

Don’t do it on company time 

This one is the most obvious. If youre looking for a new job don’t do it while youre at work. This is extremely unprofessional and could jeopardise your current position if you get caught. 

Also, refrain from using company resources, such as printers and computer software, to produce your CV or other relevant materials. 

Don’t use company email address or phone number 

Similar to the point above, if you’re looking for work you don’t want potential employers to contact you while you’re in your current role. It is also important to be aware that most companies screen and check your internet usage, email accounts and social media activity so its not difficult for them to catch you out. 

Schedule interviews strategically 

This may be a difficult one, especially for lower and entry level roles, however it is important to do what you can to ensure these take place out of working hours. Making excuses for made up appointments is easy for managers to see through, especially if you’re perfectly healthy and have an unexpected doctors appointment at short notice. The best thing to do is arrange these interviews before or after your working day or at lunchtime. Most hiring managers will be aware of difficulties in arranging interviews around your current work and will be accommodating. In extreme circumstances, use holidays to take time off and attend meetings. 

Avoid using current employers as a reference

This can lead to an awkward conversation with your boss if your potential manager contacts them before you’re in your new role. Its best to use previous employers, however if you don’t have enough good previous references it might also help to ensure the recruiter knows your current boss can’t be contacted until after the recruitment process.

Be mindful of how you dress 

Looking the part when you attend an interview is important. You want to make sure you fit in with the general dress code of the company, i.e. not wearing a three piece suit, shirt and tie when you’re interviewing to work in an entry level role, or showing up to a senior level job in flip flops.

However, this can also be a giveaway to your boss. If you work in a relaxed office environment and suddenly show up to work one day in a freshly pressed, tailored suit it will get their suspicions up. Therefore if you need to schedule an interview around working hours you may need to consider a strategic change in a public bathroom, or at home if you’re lucky enough to have this as an option.

The main factor to remember while job hunting is to remain focused on your current role. Not only do you owe it to the company that is paying your wages but standing out and performing well in your current position will also help strengthen your application.

It is easy to lose focus during a job hunt, especially if this has been brought on by a bad experience with your current employer. Below are a few ways to stay grounded while looking to work elsewhere.

Do your job well! 

This seems obvious but if you have become disillusioned with your current employer it is easy to take your mind off the task at hand. Bare in mind this is still your current role and deserves the respect and effort from you to continue to the job well.

Maintain current skills 

As mentioned job hunting can be really time consuming and on top of a job it leaves little time to focus on extra learning opportunities. However, seeking out new opportunities to enhance and further develop your skills and qualifications will add extra value, not only to your current role, but also to your job search.

Keep talking to your colleagues 

It is not unusual when job searching to distance yourself and become withdrawn from your team members. However, removing yourself from the corporate culture can have a negative effect on your daily life. This will add extra pressure to your search as you begin to feel left out from the crowd, and make your final days, weeks or months miserable. 

Find something to enjoy 

When you’re looking for a role elsewhere it is easy to allow the little things that annoy you in your current company to build up. Try to remain focused on the things that you enjoy, these may be little things like clients, colleagues or certain tasks. This will help stop you from getting frustrated and having a negative impact on your performance.

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