Work Experience at Cobb Digital

What tasks have you been doing?

Throughout my time at Cobb Digital I performed a variety of tasks in many different areas as I wanted to gain experience in all aspects of digital marketing. Therefore, during my placement I undertook numerous tasks in areas such as: 

-Search engine optimisation (SEO), which included finding relevant keywords in order to help optimise the websites of various clients.

- PR, where I helped to promote and market a client which needed numerous quarter-page advertisements in the local newspapers.

- Social media, which included running the Cobb Digital twitter page for a day, allowing me to engage with the public and share my new found digital marketing knowledge.

- Content creating, which allowed me to use my skills as a passionate writer and blogger to create content for an exciting tourism client .

What have you enjoyed?

As a University student studying journalism, it has been very exciting to gain an insight into the world of digital marketing as a career option. During my time as an intern at Cobb Digital I have particularly enjoyed the variety of tasks I was given as I was able to see all aspects of the field, and I was therefore able to see where my strengths lie. As a frequent writer, I was not surprised to find out that producing content for clients was the area of digital marketing I found most appealing, but aside from this I did enjoy working with the PR team, making it an area of digital marketing I’m definitely interested pursuing in the future. 

What didn’t you enjoy?

There weren’t any particular aspects I didn’t enjoy during my time at Cobb Digital, as each task I was given was new and an exciting learning experience. The only thing I would comment on is the fact that as a journalism student, I did not have a wide range of digital marketing knowledge prior to my placement. This therefore meant that I could only perform basic tasks in most areas. 

What have you learnt during your time at Cobb Digital?

From the experience I have learnt even though the world of work can be daunting, you should always have confidence in yourself when completing any tasks you are given. As someone who struggles with confidence, it was comforting to know that my colleagues at Cobb Digital were a very supportive family who encouraged me to be proud of the work I produced. This helped me understand that even the little tasks, such as creating a spreadsheet or researching the names of local newspapers were important, because in order to build a good relationship with a client it’s imperative that everyone works as a team.

What will you do in the future?

I am currently studying journalism at the University of Sussex, and hope to build a career in either digital marketing or magazine journalism in the future. As a keen writer, I will continue to run my blog and write my stories in order to refine and improve my written and communication skills, whilst aiming to gain more experience in many fields of media work before finishing my University course. 

How will you get there?

My current goal is to secure a third year placement in digital marketing, as I would like to pursue this career option in the future as either a content executive or a member of a PR team. A longer internship would therefore allow me to gain more experience in this field of the media, and would widen my current skill set making me more employable in the future.

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