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About WPM Education

WPM is about incredible people; we empower our people to make decisions that enable them to provide a great service and experience to our clients, no matter what the challenges. We value our people, we develop them, and we look after their happiness and wellbeing. We take our role seriously; every week we ask what they think, we listen to and care about what they say and actively respond. Our business is about making life easier; by providing a great experience to our customers, and consistently driving for continual improvement in our product and services. We work hard to ensure this happens internally as well, because a happy, passionate and cohesive team equates to better results and experiences across our business and customer base. We work with an incredibly exciting and rewarding range of customers (including over 75% of all universities in the UK) which have a massive impact on future generations, while also providing a huge contribution to the economy. We are passionate about providing them with services which add value, and by putting their best interests and building a long term relationship first, we stand out from our competitors, and as a result we continue to retain and build our customer base. The same approach applies to our people; we want them to have time for friends and family and help make their lives easier by having an open, honest and fun place to work without bureaucracy and red tape. We want them to stay with WPM for as long as we can continue to help them grow, fulfil their career development goals and feel they can continue to make a difference. We have lots of different teams and roles, but what is common is that people at WPM care about what they do and the results they deliver; whether they are internally or externally facing. We have a passion which runs throughout the business and which means we want to do a job well, ensure that we encourage and support personal growth and that people can smile and enjoy work each day.

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