Regional Operations Director

West Sussex
£50000 - £55000 per annum
03 Jul 2018
31 Jul 2018
SHC Recuitment
Contract Type
Full Time

Position: Regional Operations Director

Direct reports: Registered Managers, Peripatetic Managers

Dimension of Role

  • To facilitate the delivery of all aspects of care to the people we support users within the homes, working with all parties, internal and external to ensure quality service provision which meets and where possible exceeds regulatory standards.
  • To lead, motivate and manage a team of Registered and Peripatetic Managers striving for continuous improvement.
  • To provide leadership and management oversight regarding operational and clinical management, ensuring that services provided meet Sussex Health Care's quality standard audits.
  • To promote the vision and values of Sussex Health Care and invest in the person-centred culture that Sussex Health Care are committed to.
  • To implement strategies approved by the Board and Senior Leadership Team and ensure delivery to objectives and outcomes within appropriate timelines.

Working Relations

  • To have a commitment to multi-disciplinary team working.
  • To work effectively with all departments of Sussex Health Care

    To develop and maintain good working relationships with statutory authorities, community services, GPs, suppliers, etc.
  • To deal effectively with commissioners, health and social services representatives, relatives and external agencies such as CQC, CHC, Safeguarding, etc

Main Purpose of Role

  • To manage your Region ensuring that the provision of all registered integrated nursing and social care services, providing leadership for the development of the service.
  • To ensure management presence across all homes within the Region, including cover in the absence of a Manager. This may at times require basing yourself at the service.
  • To evaluate the clinical judgements of the Registered Managers.
  • To assist Registered Managers in implementing a safe appropriate and efficient delivery of care, utilising a person-centred approach for people we support within Sussex Health Care's services.
  • To ensure homes adhere to written policies and procedures for care and support, thus providing standardisation across the organisation.
  • To contribute to and deliver to the strategic objectives of Sussex Health Care.
  • To work with the Senior Leadership Team to develop and review policies and clinical practice.
  • To represent Sussex Health Care as an ambassador with external organisations, parents and carers and create communication pathways that enhance service deliveries.
  • To ensure that service and clinical problems are resolved speedily, involving the other members of the Senior Management Team where appropriate.
  • To assist the Senior Leadership Team to refocus services, including identifying and contributing to opportunities for potential growth and diversifications.
  • To establish and maintain effective management systems and to monitor the homes' performance against agreed quality standards and key performance targets, recording the performance.
  • To monitor Registered Managers' performance with regard to the agreed budget allocation and make adjustments to ensure budgetary controls are maintained.
  • To ensure through excellent clinical practice and business management that the homes meet the requirements of the Care Quality Commission.
  • To evaluate the staffing provision/skill mix of the homes through an appropriate dependency assessment, ensuring that the needs of the people we support are met with regard to clinical input and dependency of people we support. This includes working within an agreed allocated budget and external expectations, and appropriately challenge if necessary.
  • To monitor and support Managers to recruit and retain their staff effectively, through both internal and external activities, including marketing and proactive recruitment campaigns.
  • To ensure that Managers are adhering to contractual obligations of the people we support.
  • To ensure clinical assessments of prospective people we support are carried out appropriately and calculate the cost of care to create realistic fee schedules.
  • To oversee clinical assessments of current people we support with regard to individual care needs and fees, and appropriately challenge if necessary.
  • To help maintain a multi-disciplinary approach to care, and ensure the environment acknowledges and respects people we support' rights to choice, freedom, dignity and individual life style within the homes.
  • To provide expert clinical information to the Senior Leadership Team on all aspects of care standards and other legislation
  • To act at all times in accordance with legislation associated with care provision and ensure that the highest standard of appropriate care is always provided.
  • To undertake research and development as required to support the expansion of Sussex Health Care.
  • To be conversant with and adhere to the policies and procedures of Sussex Health Care.
  • To participate in Senior Management on-call responsibility, providing clinical judgement and advising on managerial issues.
  • To maintain records as required by the Regulatory bodies.
  • To provide reports as required by the Senior Leadership Team.

Health & Safety

  • To ensure that managers and staff are aware of their responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.
  • To demonstrate awareness of current legislation.
  • To ensure that, and where appropriate carry out, effective risk management activities; including assessment and mitigation; to ensure the safe and smooth running of the homes.
  • To ensure and review local and central risk registers and report to the Senior Leadership Team


  • To attend, having prepared in advance, monthly business accounts meetings with the Registered Manager/Head of Finance/Chief Operating Officer.
  • To review fees annually and as required on a needs basis.
  • To communicate effectively with the accounts department to ensure that all information is available.
  • To ensure that the homes are operating as viable business units, including a focus on maximising occupancy levels and appropriate fees.
  • To work with Managers to ensure effective referrals management, including marketing activities and campaigns as required.
  • To ensure Registered Managers properly authorise spends made by the homes.
  • To ensure that all aspects of 'resource management' receive appropriate review and achieve value for money; including staffing resources.
  • To ensure that Registered Managers safeguard the people we support' personal assets/finances at all times and that sufficient controls are in place.


  • To ensure that the legal requirements with regard to buildings are met and that these are constantly monitored.
  • To meet regularly with the Director of Estates and ensure that buildings and maintenance jobs are prioritised and completed.


  • To be familiar with employment law practices and current legislation.
  • To support, coach and develop Managers to maximise their performance and retention along with consideration to growth and succession planning.
  • To address performance management concerns robustly and fairly.
  • To implement the disciplinary process as required.
  • To ensure staff are treated fairly and reasonably and that personnel issues are addressed relating to the disciplinary and grievance procedure when necessary.
  • To provide supervision for the Registered Managers.
  • To be up to date with CQC requirements and ensure compliance.


  • To understand and ensure that CQC standards are met within the homes.
  • To carry out Monthly Provider visits to all homes within the area and report findings to the Chief Operating Officer and Director of Quality.
  • To respond to all written complaints within agreed timescales and inform the Chief Operating Officer of all responses.
  • To ensure that all complaints and incidents/accidents are recorded and monitored and reports provided for the Chief Operating Officer and Director of Quality.

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